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Brand identity and its importance

Brand identity and its importance

The Power of Brand Identity


Building a Strong Connection with Your Customers

Building a Strong Connection with Your CustomersBrand Identity is one of the essential elements in building and developing any successful brand. It represents the personality and visual identity of the brand, and contributes to defining its position and uniqueness in the competitive market. In addition, understanding the concept of Brand Identity and its importance helps in making strategic decisions to develop the Brand and increase consumer acceptance.




Brand Identity conceptBrand Identity concept

Brand Identity is a combination of visual and definitions elements that represent the Brand. It includes everything from the company logo, colours, typography, to its message, tone, and personality. A strong Identity is more than just a Brand. It is a way for a company to express its values and personality to consumers, which helps it stand out from its competitors.




Importance of Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the element that makes you stand out to your customers and helps build a strong relationship with them. It helps to connect your product or service to your company in the minds of your customers, and also contributes to building customer loyalty.

Importance of Brand Identity

A Strong Brand Identity can help achieve many benefits, including:

  • Increased product value: Products with strong Brands can command a higher price than products with weak Brands. This is because strong Brands install trust in the hearts of customers and are associated with high expectations. For example, the Apple Brand is always synonymous with advanced technology and innovation.
  • Building a loyal customer base: A strong Brand Identity helps to strengthen the recall of your business with customers. Companies need to retain customers for long periods of time at a lower cost than attracting new customers every time. The results of a strong Brand ultimately manifest themselves in increased profits. If a business operation can deliver a consistent Brand across different channels, it can increase profits by up to 23% on average.
  • Importance of Brand Identity in recruitment: Employees prefer to work for companies that share their values, and are usually willing to work for lower wages if they are convinced that the company has a strong Identity that is in line with their beliefs. Companies with strong Brands can pay lower wages by up to 10%.
  •  More than 90% of people are willing to quit their jobs if they receive a job offer from a company with an excellent reputation.




Elements of Brand Identity

Elements of Brand Identity

  • Logo: It is the visual symbol of the Brand. It should be simple and easy to remember.
  • Colours: Colours play an important role in creating the Brand. The colours should be consistent with the Brand's messages and personality.
  • Lines: lines define the shape and size of the visual elements of the Brand. The lines should be consistent with the Brand's messages and personality.
  • Voice: It is the voices that the Brand uses in its communications. The voices should be consistent with the Brand's messages and personality.
  • Personality: It is the qualities that are associated with the Brand. The personality should be consistent with the Brand's messages and values.



A strong Brand Identity can help companies achieve the following goals

  • Building brand awareness: A strong Brand Identity can help companies stand out from competitors and build Brand awareness among potential customers.
  • Attracting customers: A strong Brand Identity can help companies attract potential customers who feel connected to the Brand.
  • Increasing sales: A strong Brand Identity can help companies increase sales by building trust and value with customers.

Creating a strong Brand Identity can also help companies achieve their business goals and build a strong relationship with customers.




Tips for creating a strong Brand Identity:

Tips for creating a strong Brand Identity

  • Start by defining your goals: Before you start creating your Brand Identity, define your goals. What do you want to achieve through your Brand Identity? Do you want to stand out from competitors? Attract potential customers? Increase sales?
  • Do market research: Research your competitors and learn about their Brands. What makes them more special than you? What do you like about their Brands and what don't you like?
  • Define your target customers: Who are you targeting with your Brand? What are their needs and desires?
  • Be creative: Don't be afraid to think outside the box. There's nothing wrong with innovating something new and innovative.
  • Be consistent: Make sure that all elements of your Brand Identity are consistent. Everything should convey the same message.
  • Be connected: Use your Brand everywhere you can use it. It should be present on your website, products, and marketing.

If you followed these tips, you will be able to create a strong Brand that will help you to achieve your business goals.


In conclusion, Brand Identity is more than just a logo or mark. It represents everything that your company believes in and wants the world to see. By creating a strong Brand Identity, you can build a strong relationship with your customers and achieve your business goals.